Zjef van Bezouw

Zjef van Besouw
Zjef van Bezouw

Zjef is as a mixed media, Dutch artist.

His designs and artwork span performance art, environments, fetishwear, and shoes. He lives and works between Amsterdam/Portugal/New York.

Under his alias ZJEFWORKS, he specializes in creating multi-sensory experiences by transforming spaces, designing leather goods and curating art exhibitions into happenings that “burns onto your retina”

Zjef works independently as well as in teams and has many years of experience creating unique designs. He worked as the creative director for Supperclub Amsterdam as well as for Estee Lauder and MAC Cosmetics developing global campaign events.

He has lectured at NYU and FIT and recently began serving as coach and curator for several international contemporary artists through his hosting of art exhibitions. In 2019, he landed in Portugal where he launched and now operates BoaBoa, an arts & culture initiative. Since 2022 he has also been organizing LGBTQ+ related events for the Algarve area and beyond.

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