Winners 2017

Sadly, I must announce with the deepest regret that one of the contestants in the MOREPIXX photo competition, Sly Hands, passed away on Monday June 19th, 2017 at the age of 33.

Sly will be remembered for his bright, sparkling personality and his tongue in cheek humor. And, of course, for his talent in transforming pictures into true art. He was a brilliant photographer who introduced rubber into fetish photography as only he could do. Winner of the WeFetish photo award in 2015, last year he was nominated twice with two photos into the finals for MOREPIXX.

I wish his partner, all his friends and family strength in dealing with their loss.

Sly, we will always remember you! You are in our hearts.

Online prize 2017

1st – Alejandro Caspe

Prize of € 500 for the Online Vote

Total 21,81% of the voters (582)

2nd – Rene Zuiderveld

Prize of € 250 for the Online Vote

Total 10,19% of the voters (272)

3rd – Rene Zuiderveld

Prize of € 125 for the Online Vote

Total 8,47% of the voters (226)

Darkland – visitor prize 2017

1st – Suzanne van de Laar

Prize of € 250 for the Visitor vote

Others results

4. Erwin Venema


5. Rene Zuiderveld


6. Sly Hands

 ( 6,93%)

7. Max Samauth

 ( 6,78%)

8. Daniel Suy


9. Max Samauth


10. Suzanne van de Laar


11. Sly Hands


12. Ildar Gizatullin


13. Project Zuiderburg


14. Ko Tol


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