Jury and judging

  • The international jury will nominate between 10 and 15 pictures. After the closing date, each jury member will select the best 15 photos amongst all the pictures submitted. Furthermore each jury member will rate their selected pictures from 15 to 1.
  • This year photographers can only be nominated with 1 picture. If a photographer is nominated with more than 1 photo, only the photo with the highest score will be nominated. This gives the possibility that a photo that would have ended up outside the top 15, namely in 16th place, can now also be nominated etc. etc.
  • This will result in 15 nominated photos by 15 different photographers, in order to give more photographers the opportunity to present their show work.
  • From January 10th, 2024 these nominated photos will be published in random order on the MOREPIXX website and the voting ends at February, 20th midnight.
  • Both the rating from the jury (50%) and from the internet voting (50%) will decide the winners.
  • In case a definite winner cannot be found by absolute majority, the chairman of the jury will decide. The decisions of the jury concerning the fulfilment of requirements are irrevocable and not open to appeal.
  • As of January 10th, 2024 visitors to the MOREPIXX? website can vote online for their favourite photos. Each vote must be made for two (2) photos.
  • Each voter may only vote once from the same email address.
  • Any votes made for only one (1) photo will be deemed invalid.
  • Voting multiple times from the same email address is not allowed. If Internet voting abuse is found, this can lead to the disqualification of one of the distinguished photographers
  • Voting ends on Februari, 21th at midnight. Any votes received after this time or not confirmed in time will be invalid.

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