Wim Bos

pictures of visitors of Leatherpride Antwerp 2016 at Darklands Photography by Taco D. Smit

Wim Bos – Owner of MisterB

Wim Bos founded Mister B in 1994. He organized in the Amsterdam and Berlin shop a big number of Gay S/M Erotic art exhibitions. Focus has been more on paintings than on photography or sculptures, but all kind of techniques has been exhibited. Important artist has been Nigel Kent, Marcel Joosen, Freek Weidema and Henning von Berg. Wim Bos / Mister B is owing a big collection of Gay male erotic art hosted in the Mister B main office and at home. Wim Bos as promotor of Gay emancipation, social acceptance of Gay art and free expression is honored with the “Andreas-penning”, the Andreas Crosses Award of the Council of the Town Amsterdam.


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