Matt Spike

Winner Morepixx 2018

I’m Matt Spike. I began my fetish life at the age of 19 when I quit my regular day job working at a TV company to become a full-time escort. With photography being in the blood of my family, it wasn’t long before the spare time created by the escorting was filled with taking photographs of pretty much everything really. Then I had an epiphany. How about if I started photographing fetish? At the time I was inspired by my friend Ashley Savage, who was doing pretty much the same thing – fetish photography and escorting. It wasn’t soon after I got my first two big breaks; the photographer on a leather porn film being made at the Backstreet bar, shortly followed by what would become the first in a line of Recon Fetish Week photo shoots. I had also been working on a series of amateur solo porn on the web which made me quite well-known and still does. Then, slowly, I began to build a reputation as a fetish photographer. Over the years I have developed many styles, and have received worldwide attention, providing images for events and products to do with the fetish community. I was thrilled this year to win not only the main prize at Morepixx but also the Si Hands prize. Bizarrely, I wasn’t going to enter anything into the competition, as I was going through a creative dry spell and wasn’t feeling very confident. But Si encouraged me to enter, along with my friends in Paris, and suggested I enter the photo with the lady in the Metro. Winning the prize meant so much to me! I’m not so crazy these days, but I still have a keen eye for a good fetish photo and will continue to shoot them as long as there is breath in my body!

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