Christopher Ferreria

Cuir Viscera (No. 1)  

Christopher is from the USA.

I’m an artist working out of San Diego, California, balancing arts practices professionally in the mainstream art world and as LeatherMusk in the gay leather/fetish world. I aspire to create iconic images that trigger one’s sense-memory of leather—to transcend vision—and engage touch, taste, smell, and sound as it often does to those under its spell. I want viewers to project themselves and inhabit the image, whether as an active player or as a voyeur allowed to witness what is transpiring in the scene, and engage with the intimacy and powerplay that define relationships within the fetish world. Inspired by my own love of leather, these images are my homage to the men who’ve helped shape and continue to influence me as an artist and as a leatherman.

Christopher Ferreria – Cuir Viscera (No. 1)



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