Hans Klijn


Hans is 30 years old and from Amsterdam, the Netherlands

I’m an amateur photographer trying to get the most out of the gear I have, both photography gear and fetish gear 😉

I’m relatively new to fetish photography and mostly got into it while contributing art to the Mutants Mixtape, a project that raises money for queer charities around the world by releasing mixtapes featuring original art and music. So far I’ve managed to contribute and be featured in 5 releases with my visual art, the last 3 times being with fetish photography projects.

I’ve been into photo editing and manipulating for years, but have only began getting serious about also doing the photography myself since a little over a year. As you can tell I still really enjoy heavily editing photo’s, and making them myself now gives me much more freedom when it comes to composition and of course the actual content of the pictures.

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